Bro. Fernandez Batson, Sr.

Walking Deac. Lisa Collier Purnell
Church Clerk

Bro. Caleb Corbin
Bass Guitarist & Percussionist 

Bro. Trey Corbin
Bass Guitarist

Dea. Daniel Dashiell III
Assistant Facilities Operations Coordinator

Sis. Annette Fields

Sis. Jean Greene
Stewardship Coordinator 

Dea. Dr. Samuel Henry III
Acting Treasurer

Bro. James Herrick
Audio Technician

Bro. Reginald Justice

Bro. Henry Martin

Sis. Cassandra Monroe
Audio Technician, Driver & Assistant Youth & Young Adult Events Coordinator

Bro. Stephen Pender
Minister of Music & Organist/Pianist

Sis. Diane Price
American Sign Language Interpreter

Bro. James Taylor
Facilities Operations Coordinator & Audio Technician

Sis. Keyonda Taylor
Administrative Assistant

Deac. Christina Watson-Pender
Executive Assistant & Webmaster

Lady Deac. Talana D. Watson
Director of Operations, Events Coordinator & Assistant Acting Treasurer

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