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Advisory Board Ministry

Servant Leader: Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson
Purpose: The Advisory Board Ministry is composed of servant leaders of each ministry; their function is to work to enhance each ministry and promote the agenda of the church.

Board of Managers

Servant Leader:
Purpose: The Board of Managers are members appointed by the Pastor to oversee the operations and any other matters of the church and Family Life and Cultural Center at FBC.

Christian Education Ministry

Servant Leader: Lady Deac. Talana D. Watson
Sunday School Superintendent: Sis. Bridgit Reynolds

Academic Achievement Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Kimberly Purvis

Couples Ministry (Inactive)

Servant Leader:

Men's Ministry

Servant Leader: Bro. Samuel S. Henry III

New Members Ministry

Servant Leader: Rev. P. Lee Holmes

Singles Ministry (Inactive)

Servant Leader: Rev. Gwendolyn Gillespie

Women's Ministry

Servant Leader: Lady Deac. Talana D. Watson

Youth & Young Adult Activities Ministry

Servant Leader: Min. Brandon Gale, Sr.
Purpose: To help develop our growth and spiritual life and to broaden our knowledge of God's word so that discipleship will be effective inside and outside of the church.

Culinary Ministry

Servant Leaders: Dea. Clarence &  Deac. Carolyn Hudson

"The Shepherd's Table" Soup Kitchen Ministry

Servant Leader:
Purpose: To provide a ministry of helps through the serving of nutritious and delicious food to sustain the physical body. This ministry serves for annual days and special events.

Diaconate Ministry

Servant Leader: Dea. Clyde Selby (Deacons)
Servant Leader: Deac. Maria Bailey (Deaconesses)
Purpose: To assist the Pastor in the spiritual realm of the church, visit sick members, serve communion, and make themselves available to assist the Pastor in ministry.

Economic Empowerment Team

Servant Leader: Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson

Finance Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Jean Greene 
Purpose: To oversee the financial matters of the church, be good stewards according to the word of God and to appropriate money wisely.

Fit 4 The Kingdom Exercise Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Vera Miles-Heath 

Grief Ministry

Servant Leader: Rev. Frances Dashiell 

Health Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Shanika Sturgis
Purpose: To administer first aid during church services, activities or sessions, and recognize serious symptoms to prevent future complications.

Hospitality/Lost Sheep Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Maxine McCray 
Purpose: To follow up on all new converts and/or persons who have been converted and fail to report for new members' class and/or church services. This ministry encourages new members to become a participant in one or more ministries to promote their Christian growth and allegiance to their faith and the church. In addition, this ministry greets regular members and visitors with a smile, hug or handshake as one arrives to any service held at FBC.

Manna Food Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Clara Jackson

Ministerial Staff (Associate Ministers)

Servant Leader: Rev. Brenda Hughey-Jones
Purpose: To assist the Pastor.

Missionary Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Mary Childs-Jabbaar
Purpose: Missionary efforts are always geared toward presenting Christ Jesus as Lord. Involvements include: visiting the sick, helping the less fortunate, providing clothing and food for the needy, prayer ministry, etc.

Multi Media Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Christina Watson-Pender
Purpose: To communicate the vision and mission of all of our church ministries through integrated video, photography, audio/visual technology, and web development.

Music & Cultural Arts Ministry

Minister of Music: Sis. Dollie C. Wright
Director of Band: Bro. Stephen Pender
Organists: Bro. Fernandez Batson & Bro. Stephen Pender
Pianists: Sis. Dollie C. Wright, Min. Brandon Gale, Sr. & Bro. Stephen Pender
Guitarist: Bro. Rodney Lee
Percussionist: Bro. Eugene Hoy, Jr.

Anointed Voices of Praise Choir

Director: Bro. Rodney Lee

Drama Ministry

Servant Leader: Dr. Della Dameron-Johnson

Expressions of Praise (Dancers)

Servant Leader: Sis. Marnique Lee

Hearts of Angels Choir

Directors: Sis. Dollie C. Wright

Male Chorus 

Director: Bro. Rodney Lee

Men of Valor (Mimers)

Servant Leader: Sis. Marnique Lee

Praise Crew (Dancers)

Servant Leader: Sis. Marnique Lee

Praise & Worship Team

Director: Bro. Stephen Pender

United Disciples of Victory Choir

Director: Sis. Dollie C. Wright

Vessels of Worship (Dancers)

Servant Leader: Sis. Marnique Lee

Women of Distinction Choir

Director: Sis. Dollie C. Wright

Women of Worship (Dancers)

Servant Leader: Sis. Marnique Lee 
Purpose: To enhance the mood of the worship service, to usher in the Holy Spirit and to spread God's Word through all forms of art (music, creative movements, drama, sign language, etc.).

Pastor's Relations Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Clara Jackson
Purpose: To assist the Pastor in practical ways that he might enhance his ministry.

Prayer Ministry

Servant Leaders: Rev. Michael & Rev. Nadine Taylor
Purpose: To intercede on behalf of the members of First Baptist Church by prayer and supplication.

S.A.P.A. Team

Servant Leader: Sis. Edna Jackson
Purpose: To review each church event and strategically plan, schedule and approve each program to ensure that each service is represented in a "Five Star" manner.

S.A.G.E. (Security Around God's Edifice) Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Cassandra Monroe
Purpose: To be a visible force that enables members and visitors to worship in a safe and secure environment.

Transportation Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Marchelle Robinson
Purpose: "The Gospel Chariot" provides safe transport to and from the church allowing regular members and visitors the opportunity to attend Sunday worship and weekly revival services. Transportation is also provided for ministries upon request. If you need transportation, please call the church office at 410-548-5486.

Trustee Ministry

Servant Leader: Bro. David Jones
Purpose: To ascertain the physical realm of the church.

Usher Ministry

Servant Leader: Sis. Allison Fairell (Senior & Junior)
Purpose: To monitor the entrance of the church and to see to it that reverence is pursued.