Twelve Tribes

Each person who accepts the invitation of salvation and joins First Baptist Church is assigned to a tribe (Acts 2:41, 47; 5:14; 16:5), based on the month of their birth. Prayerfully selected by the Pastor, each tribe has a triune servant leadership team. These leadership teams consist of a tribe leader and two diaconate members. These servant leaders are empowered and charged with caring for each member of the church in a manner that assist them in their spiritual growth (Acts 20:28), as well as with service, leadership and Christian education.

Tribe of Reuben (January)

Tribe Leader: Deac. Carolyn Hudson
Diaconates: Dea. Clarence Hudson & Deac. Beulah Grant
Color: Burgundy

Tribe of Simeon (February)

Tribe Leader: Sis. Tammy Leonard
Diaconate: Min. Brandon Gale, Sr., Dea. Daniel Dashiell III
Color: Purple

Tribe of Levi (March)

Tribe Leader: Lady Deac. Talana D. Watson
Diaconates: Dea. James White, Jr.
Color: Aqua Blue

Tribe of Judah (April)

Tribe Leader: Rev. Brenda Hughey-Jones
Diaconates: Dea. Clarence Bullock & Deac. Margaret Bullock
Color: White

Tribe of Dan (May)

Tribe Leader: Sis. Christina Watson-Pender
Diaconate: Bro. Kelvin Branch & Dea. Milton Heath
Color: Dark Green

Tribe of Naphtali (June)

Tribe Leader: Rev. Gwendolyn Gillespie
Diaconates: Dea. Nathaniel Giles & Dea. James Purnell
Color: Off White

Tribe of Gad (July)

Tribe Leader: Bro. James Taylor
Diaconate: Rev. Kenneth L. Watson
Color: Ruby Red

Tribe of Asher (August)

Tribe Leader: Deac. Maria Bailey
Diaconates: Dea. David Bailey
Color: Light Green

Tribe of Issachar (September)

Tribe Leader: Deac. Patricia Selby
Diaconate: Dea. Clyde Selby & Sis. Gardenia Dashiell
Color: Dark Blue

Tribe of Zebulun (October)

Tribe Leader: Sis. Cassandra Monroe
Diaconate: Bro. Samuel S. Henry III & Sis. Gail Taylor
Color: Pink

Tribe of Joseph (November)

Tribe Leader: Sis. Allison Fairell
Diaconates: Dea. James Hill
Color: Gold

Tribe of Benjamin (December)

Tribe Leader: Deac. Veronica Giles
Diaconates: Dea. William Harmon
Color: Light Blue